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Ear Checkup

What is Microsuction
Ear Cleaning?

A New Way Of Cleaning Ears

In the past, the most common way of cleaning out stubborn ear wax was to use invasive and risky water and syringe techniques which weren't thoroughly effective and risked damaging the ear drum. 

Now with microsuction techniques which are used by top Ear Nose and Throat specialists, clinicians are able to remove the wax through a vacuum powered mircotube.

This technique is safer, quicker and more effective than traditional methods and it can be done for all ages.

Heather Grainger is a Devonport local and has been passionate about helping others throughout her long career as a community health nurse also working in palliative care and other areas of nursing.


In 2017 Heather decided to retrain to become an ear cleaning specialist in this unique and superior method. She loves seeing clients around Tasmania and further afield to relieve their hearing and ear issues. 

Ear Wax Removal

Using high-tech, safe micro-suction equipment
Why RTT?

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Heather Grainger | Registered Nurse

Upcoming locations for Microsuction Ear Cleaning:

Ochre Medical Centre
11 Pendrigh Place
St Helens

Bicheno Medical Centre
94 Foster Street

Circular Head Aboriginal Centre (CHAC)

165 Nelson Street


Contact Heather below to find out more about ear cleaning.

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Contact Info


0473 097 989

1 Bass Ave, Spreyton, Tasmania  - AUSTRALIA

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